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  • Fashionable Bath towel
  • Convenient wear for after the shower
  • Made of Top Quality Microfiber
  • Works in 3 easy steps
  • Soft, Light weighted and Very Compact
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2-1 Bathrobe & Towel is a towel you can wear in 3 seconds. With three arm openings along the side. No velcro, no buttons, no fasteners, soft, compact, ultra absorbing. As you can see you can wear the Smart towel in two different way toga style (men) and tunic style (women).

Choose you favorite style: toga style or tunic! Try the comfort of Smart towel at home, at the gym, at the pool, at beach, with a smart internal pocket.

Super soft, compact, absorbs more water, dries faster.


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Blue, Brown, Pink, Purple, White