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  • Make delicious, mouth watering burgers stuffed with you favorite filling, cheese, mushrooms, garlic, onions etc
  • Creates a deep cup to hold your filling, and seals the sides for a perfect leak proof burger and locking flavor inside
  • Comes apart for easy cleanup
  • Easy & convenient to use

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The Ultimate Hamburger press encloses all your favorite ingredients perfectly within those juicy beef walls. Just pack the meat into the stuffers red lid and base, then add the flavor with your extra ingredients, seal it shut, and there it is–your stuffed burger properly crafted and ready to be picked up and eaten.

Be sure to follow the instructions to create the pocket with the required motions. A deep pocket should be made before adding the stuffing, otherwise the top meat layer will not seal properly. Create the pocket with the required motions. Placing the top layer of meat on top of the stuffing may create a better seal than placing it on the top seal.