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Healthy Spray Mop can be used for cleaning and maintenance of hardwood, tiled and ceramic floors all at once !

The re-washable, mop pad will allow you to get through stubborn spots with one easy swipe.

The user-friendly, ergonomically designed handle with a spray trigger will conveniently transform mopping into an activity you would love to perform every day.

* Easy to use !

* No hassle of soaking in water 

* Spray right from the handle 

* Ideal for daily use 

*Light weight 

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Healthy Spray Mop

No Bucket! No dipping! No Squeezing!

Taking a mop bucket full of water of water is such a tiresome task! The Spray Mop is a great way to mop up spills and for other cleaning work.

It saves you the effort and time of having to dip the mop head in water and then squeeze the water out! It saves time, effort and worry! 

The healthy spray mop sprays a fine mist of water from the refillable bottle attached to the mop with a simple push from the trigger located on the ergonomically designed handle. Simply glide over the area after spraying water to clean it. 

The microfiber cloth pad is washable and can be reused giving a longer life time. Simply remove the microfiber pad from the bottom for cleaning. Extra micro fiber mop pads available for purchase.

The spray mop can be used on wooden, tiled and vinyl carpet floorings.

How can I use the Spray Mop?

  1. Attach the two levers in the package along with the mop pad firmly.
  2. The water has to be filled into the refillable water bottle (ensure the rubber cap on the inside of the lid of the water bottle is not removed) 
  3. Push the water bottle back into the mop compartment till you hear a click sound.
  4. Push the trigger to spray water and glide over the area to clean!

Can I wash the Microfiber cloth in the healthy spray mop ?

Yes the microfiber cloth can be removed from the pad and washed for reuse. It can also be machine washed for convenience. 

Can I use a floor cleaner with water in the spray mop? 

Yes you can mix the preferred floor cleaner with water and fill the bottle.

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