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  • LDINIO Model 4407
  • 4 universal power socket
  • 4 USB sockets
  • Rates parameter: 2500W – 10A(Max) 250V
  • Size: 237 x 116 x 55mm

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LDNIO power socket (Model 4407) with 4 power socket & 4 USB ports.

This high quality power socket has 4 universal plug sockets & 4 USB ports to power multiple devices at the same time. The heavy duty power cord stretches up to 2m allowing to use conveniently. This power cord helps protect devices against spikes, fluctuations and electromagnetic interferences.

This is made of an integrated ABS shell, integrative copper and no welding spots allowing flow of stable current.

Output of up to 2500w allowing household appliances to be used comfortably.

The stable power supply power filtration reduces interference to keep the appliances to run at optimal performance.

Rates parameter: 2500W – 10A(Max) 250V

USB input – 50-60hz, 0.7A (Max)
USB output (QC 3.0): 3.6-12V 18W
USB output (Auto-ID): 5V/3.1A

Size: 237 x 116 x 55mm

Warranty: 3 Months