Rs. 1,350.00

High Quality Plastic

Durable & easy to setup

Multiple layers & slots for extra space

Approximate Dimensions: 15 in  (H) x 10 in (W) x 4 in (L)

This wall mounted first aid box is ideal for home and office use. Made of high quality plastic this is durable and safe to use unlike the models with the glass front this.



First Aid Box – Wall Mounted Model (Without Medical supplies – Box Only)

A first aid box is an essential kit that contains a range of medical supplies and equipment to help provide immediate medical attention to an individual who has sustained an injury or become ill. It is designed to provide basic medical care for minor injuries or illnesses until professional medical assistance is available.

Typically, a first aid box will contain items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes or sprays, sterile gauze pads, adhesive tape, scissors, tweezers, a thermometer, gloves, a CPR mask, safety pins, and an instant cold pack. Additionally, it may contain medication for pain relief, cold and flu, allergies, or digestive issues, among others.

It is important to note that a first aid box should be kept in a prominent and accessible location, and its contents should be regularly checked and updated to ensure that all items are in good condition and within their expiry dates. Having a well-stocked first aid box can help provide prompt and appropriate medical attention, which can be critical in potentially life-threatening situations.

This plastic first aid box is a great size for home & office use. Comes with a handle to carry around and a front clip lock to hold items secure. The large size first aid box is made of quality and durable plastic.

Has 2 compartments to store multiple items!

Approximate Dimensions: 15 in  (H) x 10 in (W) x 4 in (L)