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This Waterproof Hikari Bike rain coat Ideal for day and night wear. The motorcycle raincoat is fully lined, wraps with a button and strap closure.

This Motorcycle Raincoat is a must for a rainy day for motorcycle riders. This Rain coat is made for adults to minimize chances of getting wet.

– Transparent PVC material on the front lap for the head lights of the motorcycle
– Two zipper closures for your hands to control the motorcycle
– Color: Magenta, Blue
– Length: 60 inches
– Made to Japanese standards


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The Hikari full bike raincoat is a waterproof PVC rain coat ideal for both day & night wear. Manufactured to high quality Japanese standards it covers the rider as well as the bike with a transparent PVC cover near the headlight to drive during night time. The reflective tape strip on the rain poncho provides an additional safety feature to give better visibility to other drivers.

The raincoat also has openings for the side mirrors with covering for the head making it a full raincoat. This Bike raincoat comes in a standard Magento color with a length of approximately 60 inches.

What is the difference between Hikari Bike Raincoat & Other Rainwear?

Hikari Bike raincoat is specially designed  to cover both the rider and the bike while also giving extra covering to bags and other goods on the bike. It also has a specially designed transparent PVC for the headlight area and openings for the side mirrors making it the ideal choice for bike riders.

How many people can fit in each Hikari bike raincoat? 

The raincoat fits one person and the bike.

What Bike models can the raincoat fit?

The raincoat is a free size model and can fit almost all bikes ranging from scooters to standard bike models.

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